DeboNair who?

Ever heard of the Nair who sold tea to Armstrong on the moon. Sadly, that’s not my cup of tea. Now why did I bring that up anyway?. Probably because I’m a researcher in Aerospace Engineering. The Myers-Briggs type indicator says I’m an INTP. You can check your type here and feel damn good about yourself… for some time.

I play a violin and occasionally¬† manage to produce noises out of a flute much to the disappointment of my larynx. It is my greatest wish to speak using an instrument and I’ve almost managed to teach myself to interpret what I play. I also like to see the world and pen down travelogues once in a while.

If you’re still with me, I’d like to believe that, disclaimers and caveats aside, you’re a really nice person. Shall I serve you some equally nice tea?




  1. There is more freedom with blogspot though.. all the badges and gadgets you want to add don’t have to be built into a theme. But yes, wordpress is insanely more peaceful.

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