DeboNair who?

Ever heard of the Nair who sold tea to Armstrong on the moon. Sorry to tell you that that’s not my cup of tea (Why did I bring that up anyway?). I’m a research scholar in Aerospace Engineering at IIT Madras. The Myers-Briggs type indicator says I’m an INTP. You can check your type here and feel damn good about yourself… for some time.

You might not be surprised to know that I’m the national champion in acoustic air-guitar and bathroom vocalization. But due to financial constraints and lack of a proper bog in IITM, I was forced to forego practice (I accept donations in the form of cash, cheques or food) and was instead hooked onto a constant and unlimited supply of non-normality and other forms of science-fiction which are part and parcel of everyday research. I play the violin (as opposed to a violin) and occasionally¬† manage to produce noises out of a flute much to the disappointment of my larynx. It is my greatest wish to speak using an instrument and I’ve almost managed to teach myself to interpret what I speak.

If you’re still reading this nonsense, I’d like to say that disclaimers and caveats aside, you’re a really strong person to have suffered through the madness and reach the end of this sentence in one piece. Shall I serve you some equally strong tea?




  1. There is more freedom with blogspot though.. all the badges and gadgets you want to add don’t have to be built into a theme. But yes, wordpress is insanely more peaceful.

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