Random thoughts

The German word for disappointment is “Enttäuschung which when literally translated means disillusionment/disenchantment. That really makes you think. You need to be under some kind of an illusion – a false sense that everything will turn out as you had expected, or people will understand you and act as you want them to – so as to feel a sense of disappointment.  When you are disappointed, you rid yourself of that illusion. Germans sure know what they are talking about.

Speaking of disappointment, I see some people use “anyways”. I don’t know why. It is an adverb and adverbs are never plural. And “anyway” and “any way” mean two different things. It is just like “you’re” and “your”. I was telling my friend the other day that the printer can’t print red because it can only print primary colours. And he was puzzled. Isn’t red a primary colour? No, that’s for light where the principle of addition applies (RGB). For paints, the primary colours are cyan, yellow, and magenta (ok and black). Did you notice that I slipped in an Oxford comma (Harvard comma if you’re an American) in the previous sentence? Is that necessary? I don’t know but it looks weird to me now. Weird would be a weird word for Germans with their “Wien und der Wein”. Coming to think of it it is weird in English too as it boldly neglects the “i before e, except after c” rule .

So where was I? Paints and dyes work on the principle of subtraction (CMYK system), I said. He thought that you’d get white when you mix red, green and blue paints. Or maybe (or maybe “may be”? Nah, I may be stretching it there.) he didn’t think  and just wanted to say something which I  feel is even worse. Anyway, what’s the term again, ah “Enttäuschung”.

I’m going home today, only to come back in a few days for the coveted degree. Getting into IIT is a pain they say. But getting out, oh boy, is in a different league of difficulty. And I need to get out so that I can get back in to do a PhD. AIl that wasted effort. But there is hope. I’ll have the 14-idly-ghee-sambar at Saravana Bhavan for dinner (at the railway station). Yeah the dish is called just that and no a zoologist didn’t come up with it (if you get the reference). Home sweet home.



  1. @Anant – Thank you. I was venting out my frustration of having to run around for a week for all the signatures.@Pratyu – I ended up having two of those! I'll be working on thermoacoustic systems (rocket motors, gas turbine engines etc. or simpler) with a non-linear dynamics perspective trying to identify universal features (I hope I won't laugh reading this after 3-4 years).

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